Epi 1 – Mcpedo.

so i work at good old mickey d’s right … so i been working there since the end of febuary so about 2 months or so . usually i work lobby so i clean tables make drinks and make sure the customers are happy . so this particular day i had to work front counter so i took orders and all that jazz . It was fine kinda a slow day until these group of older man about their 30’s or 40’s (mind you im 15 ) so one guy kept looking straight at me moving is eyebrows like i was so attratcive or sum (ew)but i kind of laughed it off  anyways the group of men ordered  and this other man in the grouped stayed back and orderd two more things . he kept looking up atme and then looked down like he had to resit a temptation anyways afte he orderd and payed for everything he looks me dead in the eyes and say “your eyes are do pretty it makes me think of things” as he walked away i see he had a you know what and i told my manager she didnt do anything he just say “did you tell him you were 15 ” i was like no . i souldnt have too he should know not to say creepy stuff like that . and then the next day him and his group came back and i didnt take his order i told my manger if he could case he creeped me out while i was bagging food for drive through hi he keepes looking straight at me im telling you i wanted to call him out so bad but i needed this job so i didnt . anyways should i post more storys about my life … lmk 🙂

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  1. mindjitsu 2 years ago

    I’m amazed at how you young writers are so good at writing. I’m a dad of 3 teenage boys, so no creepyness here. But I’m just learning to write, in a story telling or creative sense.

    You we’re right to tell your manager. She should really have said something to them “like that is totally inappropriate! You need to leave.” etc… You shouldn’t have to deal with that at work.

    But you’re a good writer/story teller.

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