Since joining DT I have pretty much been a chat room lurker.. Not really venturing away from the safety of the chat room. But the last few days I have been poking around other parts of the site. Like the forums, groups ect. I have found some of the loveliest people there! I just wish I had hung around there earlier. I have found new friendships, people who are a lot like me, in soo many ways.  I defiantly think I’m going to hang around there more often.


Its surprising how quickly the weather had changed. Now the sky is full of ominous clouds. I think its going to rain soon. Not that I’m complaining. Australia is in the midst of a drought, and the more rain the better. Half of my backyard is dust, and the other is with long grass, so go figure. When we do get rain, its not actually soaking into the ground, it just hits it, and runs off.


I’m listening to a Delta Goodrem song “Mistaken Idenity” I love this line “ The girl I used to be, has a terrible case, of mistaken Identity, Yesterdays girl is not what you see, its just a case of mistaken identity”


I did some wrapping of presents today. I love wrapping presents. I don’t know why.


When I went out to get some lunch today with my mum, we came across a car accident. It wasn’t bad, Yet there were ambulances and police in attendance at the scene. I don’t know why, but seeing this accident made me think “ I wonder what would happen if I had an accident?” .. “would it hurt?”. I know I wouldn’t be able to drive my car and have an accident, cause if I would be imprisoned. But if I were to jump out in front of a car they couldn’t do anything about that. I know for a fact that no matter what, if a car hits a pedestrian, it’s the cars fault. All these thoughts of getting hit by cars just went running over and over in my head. In once scenario I was still conscious and just had a broken leg. In another, I was unconscious and woke up in hospital. I don’t know if it was seeing the accident that brought on these thoughts or not. I often have thoughts. Just about having an accident. Not necessarily to die, but to have a serious accident.


I know this isn’t normal. I’m strange..



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