This is more of just a rant… so yeah.

If you woul have asked me three months ago I would have said that I loved my job. There wasn't anyone that I didn't really get along with there, I was really good at what I did, and even my bosses weren't complete assholes.

That all changed when the fire nation attacked… wait wrong story.

Anyway. now I absolutly hate being there. I am made to feel incompetent, I get punished for working too much, and I just really hate what I do. I was forced into a "promotion" because it was the only way I would get full time because they fazed out the full time possition in the possition I was at. Even though when I got the job I was promised within a few months I would get full time where I was. We got new management and he didn't care what the old one had said or promised. Even if it was one of the deciding factors of me working there.

I'm not kidding or being over dramatic about the punished for working too much bit. Seriously. I was made to stay over an hour after I was schedualled to get off on Monday. Then on Tuesday they told that I have to take a 2.5 hour lunch. So it was 30 longer than I was actually there for the day before, and I was closing that day so I always ended up being shorted on my hours those days anyway. This pissed me off, but it is hardly the worst they have done. They called me in on my day off about a month ago and I worked about 6 hours. They cut my hours the rest of the week so bad that I only got 34 hours for working 6 days. I'm supposed to get close to 40 regularly. I understand that they don't want anyone to get overtime, I've been a manager, but that is rediculus.

I wish I could afford to quit, but I am working so hard on finally getting some independance. I'm tired of always taking care of everyone else. I am a 24 year old woman with no kids that would like move out of her parents' house damnit. I spent 4 years supporting my dad before his disability kicked in, then the past 6 months helping my mom out by paying rent and buying her a new air conditioner for her house.

*head desk* I just want out… of everything.


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