Remember that date I was excited for last Friday? It went great. Better than great. It went amazing! Admittedly, me and my boyfriend haven’t really been the "make-out" kind, but on Friday when we were sitting in his car and he really kissed me… It’s changed my whole look on our relationship, in the most fantastic way possible.

I think I’m in love… You couldn’t see it, but I actually hesitated typing that, and whenever i say it I tear up ’cause I’m so happy. Even right now I can’t help smiling. The weird thing is, I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to say…. I really, really, really love that we’ve finally said it to each other, and I’m sure he means it as much as I do. Every time I say "Wow… I love him," something inside of me fills with emotions of happiness, and joy. Yet at the same time, it gets me thinking… Thinking is never good.

Maybe it’s because my friend put crazy ideas in my head, but whenever I think of my boyfriend, somehow my mind goes to stupid things… First off, I’m not like the other girls in school who think once they have a boyfriend they’ll fall madly in love and as soon as they’re out of high school they’ll get married and have a picture-perfect family. I’m glad we took it slow, and now we’re opening up now more than ever and we’re getting further in our relationship. But for some reason, a promise ring pops into my head or… marriage. I don’t even know why! I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon, and I doubt I’ll get a promise ring on this finger in the near future, that of which I’m totally okay with. I’m not expecting a ring at all! I dunno if it’s because what my friend told me, but I’m kinda scared to do anything more… She said doing one thing out of the odrinary could screw up a whole relationship.

If me and Michael love each other so much, it shouldn’t matter what we do, right? I mean, I even asked if we were bad kissers, and all he did was shrug and said "Who cares?" I said as long as we’re both happy it shouldn’t matter, and he agreed. So why do I think so far in the future? Is that normal when you’re with that one person… And I hope I really did find that one person. I might be some stupid teenager who isn’t mature enough to deal with the world, but I think I’m truely in love…

And it’s the best feeling in the world. =)


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  1. sadjac 14 years ago

    HI Sara!

    Thats amazing! Best of luck in your relationship!


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