I don't usually talk about my former partners, but in this case it is necessary. First, I'd like to say that my former partner was a wonderful person and still is. She brought happiness and laughter to my life almost daily. Unfortunately, due to my struggle with addiction and my constant yearning for spiritual growth that was stunted by drinking, I did not bring much light into that relationship. I learned so much from that experience and I am grateful. We are no longer active friends, but my love for her as a human being will never die.

We spent anywhere from $60 to $120 per week on alcoholic beverages. If you've ever been to Miami, you know you will spend $12 to $18 on a Martini in addition to $10 for parking. Most of the time, we didn't drink hard liquor. We were beer and wine drinkers.

We were not only heavy drinkers, we had expensive taste in alcohol. In addition to the cost of alcohol, we also spent at least $50 on cigarettes per week. Our addictions cost us approximately $450 on the low end per month. Looking back, I could have purchased a nice car or saved for one year and taken a very nice vacation. We also could have saved or invested that money. In one year, we would have accumulated over $5000. During our relationship, we would have saved anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. More importantly, had we stopped drinking, we may have saved our relationship. We would have moved in a direction of self growth. I now have a partner that does not abuse alcohol and my relationship is much different. There is a want to grow on both of our parts, but we understand that our journeys are our own independently.

Now that I no longer drink, I have saved much more than money. I have saved my time, sanity and my health. Although it is a daily struggle, the struggle gets easier with time, my checking account is growing and I am more responsible with my personal finances.

With the help of a dear friend and spiritual companion, I live a sober life. Because of my sobriety, I was able to become a Certified Life Coach. We are creating a recovery program for addicts that should be available in January. I have hope and excitement about the future.

My goal is to stay focused on my sobriety, listen and learn, and help others with addictions.

Christina C.
Certified Life Coach


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