Me and my husband have been fighting off and on lately making me sad but anyways I went to go see my grandma at the last minute I told him but he didnt seem to happy by how he was taking to me. We went for only one day not too long of a drive 4 maybe 5 hrs. When I came home it was 5 maybe I was already tired had to make dinner and put the kids asleep. He wanted to have sex when they went to bed I told him I\’m sorry I\’m really tired not today. He then told me that I need to stop acting like a school girl and act more my age and I\’m acting like I did when I was with my friend when me and him were dating. Another time he got upset when I told him I was spending the night at my parents house cuz we were going to see my grandma again bit early morning so I thought it would be easer that way he wanted me to stay home and have alone time but my parents picked us up at 830 at night so I told him it prob wouldnt work expically with the little one. I did ask my mom but she said no then might as well stay home if hes dropping you off later. He will also play the guilt trip me if I turn him down for sex or turn him down ton pleasure him. He says I need to respect his wishes and needs. If I really do turn him down sometimes he’ll say I treat him like an unwanted dog. In no longer happy with him ive been trying to work it out but Idk if he will change. Thanks in advance


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