Alone. About to go to bed. Could have texted friends to see if we could all hang out, but I slept all day and now all I want to do is retreat back to some kind of comfort. Feeling….not great but not as awful, weekend is almost over! I can’t believe I’m happy about this. Ate entire carton of ben and jerry’s creme brulee icecream, and I really do think it soothes the soul….even if it makes me as fat as hell.

Took a xannax, went on craiglist. Was looking to see if there were jobs in my area that I could get/ get to/ have time for. Thought that would be a good diversion and allow me to stop spending so much time by myself. Nothing really right now, but I clicked personals and looked under strictly platonic for 20-23 year olds. There are two girls who have posted that sound…nice….normal? Which I feel is kind of not normal…because if you were normal would you need craigslist to meet friends? But thinking about it, hoping, maybe I am not so alone….being a normal, once happy social girl who likes to go out and drink and workout and party….there are other people who may be in my situation and just like me, don’t know where to start building up their friendships again. I don’t know if I will reply though. What if they are joke adds? What if these girls are not what I am looking for and in the end I feel dissapointment or rejection? Is it too weird to use craigslist? Dangerous? It’s not like I would meet them at their house or anything….but students, who are honest enough to say they are normal, but just want new friends….advice….Should I take the plunge and contanct one or both of them?


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