It's a pretty firm idea that the voting system is flawed.

There really is no doubt about that but even if we try to fix up this system we can't without a huge overhaul of the system we have today.

I don't really get why we need a President.

The Romans Republic and the Greek's direct democracy was a good idea but it was flawed because they had the system of monarchy placed within them and it was only a matter of time before the monarchs decided to use the power of force to disregard the people's voices.

Then why do we still have something called the "President"? Yes the name has changed into something softer and there's no doubt that there's alot less power now with the President then what we had with the Monarch.

But it's still a bad idea that a one man would have supreme power over the many.

My proposition is that we get rid of this Presidential system that we have and replace with the combination of direct democracy and the Republic.

But there's a fatal flaw with the repulic too.

The representatives that we have are all pretty much similar with similar backgrounds working in the system.

We cannot let these people represent our voices as the people.

We need more diverse view points from people of all sides to come together and debate over what's better for our future.

So we need to get rid of how we define and view these so called "privileged" people.

There world is a different one… Like a social clique perhaps. They have different cultural foundations and if we let these people make up the choices of the people when it's obvious that they aren'smarter or wiser then people of underprivileged social classes…

Is laughable.

The richer get richer, and they are kind of groomed to become the man they are since they are very little.

They are born from a different world.

They network with each other and gain power from each other inside their own "world".

It's not that they are smarter then us so called "regular" people.

It's just that they learned how to operate and network in their world, and with the power that each of these individuals have, they strengthen each other.

In a social climate of the world we have today. It's hard for a complete outsider to penetrate these social walls without enough power or support behind him.

And these people within these circles are the people who make choices for us today.

They gather their power from our voices… Which is inherently not theirs.

Do you know what I am talking about?

It's complex I know but these are the problems we have today.

The powerful navigate with other powerfuls and even if they aren't "powerful" perse, if they were raised in that kind of atmosphere then they have the networking and opportunity to penetrate and gain power for themselves.

So the people who are outside their sphere, without any power, they swim with other like-status people.

They don't really have the opportunity to get power because their really isn't any opportunity to gain it.

The idea that your friends make up who you are applies here.

If you want to become a criminal… then hang out with other crimies to have the opportunity to become one…

You catch my drift?

These are all invisible social "rules" that we need to accept… but the government is a whole different story…

It's because it affects ALL OF US.

The same kind of social rules can't apply for them cause it isn't fair for everyone else who aren't in the loop.

We can't let these "Presidents" who have the money and social power to be the only ones who can campaign to get these kinds of power for themselves.

We can't let the same kind of representatives to have that kind of power for themselves eithere.

Cause it would be a flaw to have these similar kinds of people with similar backgrounds to be the voices of all these people who are so different.

Government shouldn't be a social circle… It's a flaw that not many people seem to be pointing out.

If anyone understood this then tell me what you think ;).

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  1. IWILLALWAYSWANT2FADE 11 years ago

    Sorry freed you lost me at ''firm idea''.

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