I hate your words

I am disappointed in your advice

That I never asked for

I just wanted a friend

I think I forgot to say that

First you tell me

“Get your endorphins running”

That you say will cure my depression

“It’s proven”

You remind me

Then you tell me

“Release a helium balloon and

give it to God”

I don’t ask what to do when the balloon filled with my despair

Catches the nearest tree branch

Then you tell me

“You shouldn’t fear depression-it’s just a feeling”

You remind me it will pass

I thank you; I hang up the phone having you believe

You cured me

I silently curse you

For you, depression is nothing to fear

For you, the word depression means

A rainy day

A little down

In the dumps


Let me tell you what depression means for me

Let me tell you why depression is the only thing I fear

Let me tell you why it is the most realistic and rational fear I can have

Depression means not knowing where I will get the energy to take my next breath

Depression means not wanting to take my next breathe

Depression means I may lose my job

Depression means hospital bills I can’t afford

Depression means I may lose my home

Depression means I think of nothing but bottles of pills, razors, bridges, and the

Largest tree I pass while driving

Depression means I may be restrained, prodded, and shocked

Depression means I may take my life

And destroy the lives of those who love me

Depression means the cycle will never be broken

So please

When you are feeling depressed

Sad, lonely or just a little down

Go for a walk

Release that balloon up to the heavens

And fear nothing, because for you, it will soon pass

But please,

Don’t assume it’s the same for me

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  1. snowdreamer 10 years ago

    So beautifully said!!  Bravo!  I'll show this to my family who thinks I should just get over it or get a life or it will pass blah blah blah bs…thank you for sharing!

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