Not much new to report today. Last night Zachary spent the night with his friend Joshua and I'm going to pick him up a little later on today. I'm assuming everything went smoothly because I haven't heard from him. I'm going to call in a bit to see when a good time to come get him would be.

The cable company is here and I convinced Aaron to come home to deal with it because Mom and I are clueless as to what is going on. Neither one of us are savvy with this sort of thing. Aaron is much better at following everything that is happening andthe 'how-to's'.

I'm already ready to take my nap, sheesh.Yesterday afternoon I had a bout ofIBS (brought on by the stress ofthings that happened 2daysago) and was stuck on the couch sleeping on and off again. I evenfelt too ill to go exercise. Dinner was the same way ~ it tasted good, but Iwas nauseated the whole time. And I was hoping fora nice evening with myhusband since Zach had gone over to Josh's for the night. It didn't work out that way, but oh well, it's water under the bridge.

Tomorrow night Ihave to work but that's the only day I have scheduled until school starts forZach. Things are going to flip-flop around for my availability starting nextweek and I don't know howthat's going to go. Maybe I'll have to offer my evenings as well in hopes of getting some hours. I really hate the thought ofdoing that.We'll see I guess.

This morning I'm feeling alittle better but not great.I want to lay down and nap, but the cable guy is here changing outeverything and there's not a room where he won't be working! Arrggghhhh!Then later this afternoon after he leaves I have to go do the major grocery shopping withmy Mom at Walmart and I'm not looking forward to that either. Won't have any money until Friday.

I guess I'll go eat something and feed the birds. I already vacuumed the upstairs this morning so at least I've gotten something accomplished. I'm just grumpy today. Blah.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    You are allowed to be grumpy. Hugs Mary xx

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