So i’m back again..

Day two of my blogging, and after my first blog, and the comments I got, i’m definatly going to contiune. I am totally surprised and humbled, that people would even be reading my blog, let alone commenting, so to those people, thanks and a big hug.xx I know I have definatly come to the right place for support and love, i’m soo glad I found this site!

I’m really enjoying talking to the lovely people in the chat room, if you don’t go in there, you should!! it’s nice to have a live chat to people who are going through the same stuff. ( I think i said that last time, but i really want to make it known).. and its not just about depression, it’s just a general chat too, which is really fun.

As for today, feeling really good actually, my queezyness from yesterday has gone (yay!), the weather is still horrible, but I can live with it. I have stayed in bed all day just to keep warm! hehe.

I got to bed around midnight last night, which for me is really strange, i didn’t actually get to sleep for a quite a while after that, I’m still not sleeping!! it’s really frusturating!! Since I got out of hospital, I just can’t sleep. I asked my doc if she could give me something to help me sleep, but she just suggested I take my meds at night rather than day cause they are meant to make you drowsy. I have been taking these meds for a few weeks now, and I havn’t felt drowsy at all!! . I think i’m going to have to ask again when I see her thursday. 

I have my BIG appointment to get a referal to see a psychologist. I’m really scared about it actually. I’m not one usually to share my feelings so telling my life story to someone is a really scary prospect.  If anyone out there is seeing a psychologist, plz tell me if its worth it, and how do you get past the fear?!!  I hated talking to the psychatrist when I was getting admitted to hospital, and the few times I talked to him I really didn’t like him. (maybe its because he looked like a walurs(spelling??) , he had the funniest moustache I have ever seen, and a big gut, and spoke with a russian accent. I could hardly understand him half the time! He was like the cartoon image of a psychatrist if you get my drift). I just don’t like someone being in my head and trying to understand how I think.. is that wierd?

hmm.. well I think I have said enough, and plz comment on the psychologist thing!

thanks for reading.. love and hugs…

xxx Jacqui.


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  1. peytonsawyer 14 years ago
    • i have had some good psychologists but it took me  like 10 years to find one
    • sometimes it sucks finding a doctor taht works for you
    • but keep going
    • itll happen
    • props to be able to talk on here i just found this site and i love it the people here are so understanding now if i could get past this fight in my head anyways message back
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