Just another Blog about my Nightmares.

Last night I was in another “Locking” nightmare were I can\’t escape or wake up. I was in chains again but instead of…………….you know what. I saw every person I disappointed, pushed away, shamed, and hated standing in front of me and they all had a blade in their hands. Each one about I have no idea how many came up to me and stabbed me and the pain was like no other. It felt like hot steaming blade cutting though my soul and felt like the hottest rivers from the Underworld was swimming though and ripping my soul out of me. I screamed every single time a blade ripped though me. I struggled but a Electrical current rippling though so I screamed and thrashed. So much Pain. And as always I woke up not knowing who I was or Where I was, No memory at all. Then I remember ever horrible thing



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