I don’t know about you, but i am so happy it’s already May I’m just trying to get as far away from this breakup as possible and that includes the day it happened and the day they moved away

So by my tally marks it’s been slightly over 50 days since my ex and her family moved out. I honestly feel accomplished the larger the tally marks become. It means I’ve made it through more and more days on my own. So far the biggest accomplishment I’ve made has been getting the floors done in my townhouse. I’m very fortunate my mom helped me out financially because I could not have afforded it on my own. It’s a huge relief because it honestly feels almost feels like a different house and that helps me out tremendously. It’s less affiliations I have of when my ex still lived with me.

Over the weekend I went out to three different meetup.com events. Last Thursday I went to this event called “Nerd Night” and I loved it. The type of people that were there are definitely my kind of people. The atmosphere was nice. I also actually met 3 people, too. Saturday I went to a Defeat Depression meet-up. That was nice as well. The meeting lasted for an hour and it was a very laid back and relaxing environment. I realized that particular day I wasn’t really in the mood to share too much. Maybe in the future I’ll need their support more. The other members didn’t say much, either. Maybe it is because we were all feeling out the new group since over half of the 8 people that showed up were new members. Finally on Sunday I went to a dinner at a Japanese hibachi restaurant called Kobe’s. Afterwards our group played miniature golf right across the street. It was actually kind of cool because this particular meetup I actually saw a member I had originally met over a month ago at a different meetup event. I thought that was pretty cool.

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  1. delane 5 years ago

    Seems like you’re really doing a lot better, my friend! i’m glad you’ve been able to check out a few new groups and new/more people! (It’s amazing what some simple changes can really do to one’s environment, ehhhh?) i’m really proud of you for making the strides you have! Keep going, my friend!

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