I am and have been watching a lot of stand-up comedy to help myself feel better, because it works fantastically for me. But, anyway, let me get on with part one of what has happened recently. This has been the main reason why I haven't been writing my book and not coming on here… If you read my other blog entries, then you probably know a little bit about my mother. But, I want to tell this story whether anyone reads it or not. You probably also know that I cancelled my facebook and myspace accounts in February. Anyway, about a week prior I had decided to stop talking to my mother. To let you know where I am now, I am still not talking to her and as long as I don't have to, I won't be for the rest of my life. It is just the best thing for me. I will be letting you know some of the things she has done to me. Keep in mind, it will just be some. There is no way, I think, that I will be able to state all of it. So, I am not talking to her. I have had to talk to my step-father (the one who used to be married to my mother) about it, as well as my dad and step-mother. I wanted to talk to my dad about it in particular, especially after my 15 year old brother "attacked" me on the issue. This is why there is going to be more than one part on this subject. After my 15 year-old brother decided to get in the middle of it, and take her side in particular, when I hadn't ever even told him about it and I hadn't planned to; I realized that I needed to talk to my dad and step-dad about it. So, I talked to them and my step-mom, letting them know pretty much everything that had happened. So, just so you know whats happened recently, I stopped talking to my mother, she then when opportunity arose started bad-mouthing me to my step-father, my 15 year-old brother got mad at me and took her side about it entirely; my brother who is going to be 18 in a month was kicked out of his dad's house and is now living with our mother, so I haven't been able to speak to him either, as there is a big risk of having to speak to her or of making his life worse. Also, I don't know where he stands on the subject and I would rather be ignorant, than find out he also sides with her. I was just hoping the whole time that there wouldn't have to be sides, that they could just have their relationship and we could have ours. But, no that can't be the case apparently. Part of why my 15 year-old brother took her side, is because their dad kicked their older brother out and she took him in, appearing as the "savior".

This is getting frustrating and is going to be really long and hard to explain, because I am pretty sure she already appears like the savior to you, but please just wait until I finish the story, which may take a few days. It is kind of a detailed story. Please just wait until the end of the story. I will try to go on here early tomorrow and continue with the actual details. But, that is the whole general idea of what has happened that has really upset me in the last 2 months. I decided to basically rant on here first, as I really needed it and to let you know the overall of whats happened.


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