I took my cousin to mexico for his 22nd birthday. It was me a good friend (james) and some guy (Erich) and his girlfriend (i dont remember her name) anyway… We started to drink in the car on the way there. It was a good time. We walked across the border, and as soon as we did these bouncers with walkie-talkies led us into a strip club/whore house where you can get a blow job for $20. we drank some beer there and then left because it was uncomfortable. So we stumbled around going to evey bar we could find (at this point i must of had 15 beers, and 3 or 4 shots) We bought Tons of Genuine COHIBA Cigars, whiskey, cartons of cigarettes, it was alot of fun.  James wanted oxycontin and xanax, some mexican Hat salesman on the street offered to call a doctor to get the prescription filled for him. 30 2mg of Xanax for $75, and 30 Oxycontin for $100, so he (james) bought it. THIS IS WHERE EVERYTHING STARTS TURNING BAD. He gave me 5 of them, I took 4 with some beer. Next thing I know im out in the street yelling at cars and kicking over trash cans. We hide in a bar because the mexican police are out looking for me. A couple hurs pass, so we leave the bar and some guy wants to sell Erich more pills. Erich says yes and hands the guy $40. the guy starts to run away without giving Erich what he wanted Erich (who is drunk and high) chases him down and starts to beat the guy. all kinds of people come out of all the bars and clubs and watch. the mexican police show up and everyone starts to run. we found sanctuary in the same strip club we first went to in the beginning. I ended up buying a lap dances and drinks. One of the bouncers took my Debit Card and I (drunk, high and stupid) gave him my PIN number. So he started taking out money. Erichs girlfriend was furious that Erich was getting a lap dance so she stood up and slapped him and started pulling his hair. Erich then stoop up and punched her in her face as hard as he could. she ran out crying and my cousin went outside to console her. He ended up making out with Erichs girlfriend in the streets of mexico. Back in the club those bouncers/hustlers/whatever they are took out $300 from my account. They led me and my cousin downstairs to a room with a bed and they told us to have sex with the 2 strippers. Im not sure if i did or not but im pretty sure I did. I just really wanted to leave. They ended up taking another $250. I didnt know they had my wallet, they said if I didnt stay they would keep charging my card. So my cousin took a bottle of tequila and hit him in the guy in the head. I grabbed a shot of vodka and threw it in his face. then i grabbed my card and we ran out. We where chased for around 5 blocks then they stopped following us.I wake up back in the USA but my CREDIT CARD, STATE ID, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD AND CASH ALL MISSING.  I froze all my accounts until they can send me new cards. UGH, I always fuck up like this.

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  1. Lilja 13 years ago

    I just read this because I can't get to sleep… It's crap that you lost your cards and stuff but hey it all made for an exciting bedtime read.

    Next chapter please!!! XXX

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