i feel alone anymore the friends i met here for the most are gone things have changed , i used to come in here to not be alone and try and let my feelings go . i think that time is over iam def showing signs of losing my mind idk anymore if its just something thats happening to me or if its lack of someone to talk to i depended on this place 5 years and besides a few ppl its let me down i dont feel comfortable anymore i feel like theres some drama brewing everytime i do come in here . yet i try and try to hang out with my lost friends idk waht to do idk why iam even typing this i guess mabey just to let it out . iam at a big bypass in my life moving again loss of what structure i do have panic and stressed becouse it and havin panic/anxitey atacks like will my car break down will i find a place will my grandfather stop walking long enough for me to form a thought or look for a dam place who knows? do i leave them when they need me no matter how stresful it is they have helped me alot through out the years shouldnt i return the favor dispite what its doing to me?i feel like my whole life has been erased and that nothings safe no solid place to be iam i gonna end up in some roach infested dump coz its what i can afford if i look at graigslist one more time i think i might go insane . at any rate i guess before i go i wanted to thank those that did help me in some way its not been a complet crap fest some honestly tried to help and with my heart i honestly wanted to thank them .


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