Today was a very big day. The start of hay season for me because we finally got some decent weather. All day yesterday I pulled maintenance on all the equipment for the hard day that was today.

Up very early. Before dawn actually and I am looking forward to the start of the day. I have to wait until the dew is dry on the fields before beginning to cut the food for my livestock this upcoming winter.

My caffeine level is at maximum when the sun has finished its job drying all the grass up until its just right. Im ready.

The rythym of the mowing machine the warmth of the sun and the smell of fresh mown grass is absolutely wonderful. I lose myself in thoughts of years ago when I was first introduced to this fine way of life.

Shortly thereafter, things began to go wrong. The equipment began breaking down. Im having to stop, leave the field, weld broken parts, go back to the field only to break somewhere else and this repeats four different times today. I am losing precious time because the afternoon evening rain storms are moving in. This is where panic is supposed to move in. This is where I get discouraged. This is where I make that proverbial molehill into a mountain. This is where I usually just quit.

An amazing thing has happened. Its growing dark fast. Night is about to set in and here I am. Right out in the middle of the same field I started in nearly 12 hours ago and I am not finished. One even more MIRACULOUS thing though. I am still here. I hung in there until the end of the day. I finally had a day that I didnt just take the circumstances and give up. I stayed and fought as hard as I could and lost. But, I have another shot at this whole thing. Its called TOMORROW and I look forward to it. For once I look FORWARD to another day. A miracle happened today right in the middle of a hay field and here I am.

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  1. BellaMay 9 years ago

    wow, i hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Im glad your not giving up and looking forward to tomorrow…. cheers

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