hmm i dont really know how to start this ive been busy with work havent been on here to blog much so sorry for that but my big issue i had to deal with is my mom got really sick she went to the hospital to get a test done at first they didnt know what was the problem they told her we've never seen anything like this??? idk but then they found a bunch of stuff wrong with her first she has a huge hernia a bove her stomach and the stupid doc didnt really say how to fix it like surgery or anything then they found alot of polyps they removed some then but they say there's a huge one that looks cancerous yea well thats not the bad news they said even if its not that she's prone to colon cancer so now she has to get these tests done like 2 times a year if she doesnt have cancer now its crazy i cried so much because the docter basicly told her she going to get cancer at some point wtf dont really know how to deal with something like this no one in my family has had cancer except my great grandpa who died when i was really young so i only know from my mom telling me this and my other grandpa died of a massive heart attack so idk really what to say or do for her ………. the day is almost here for the results of the biopsy tomorrow its been a long hard week just tried to stay strong i guess for her its crazy when she told me this it was like it wasnt a big deal at all like she had the flu i just broke down i had to hold it in i cried at first then i could see in her eyes she was scared so i had to pull myself together i took a shower and cried my eyes out then i left home went to my step moms b 4 i got in the door i just let it all out my brothers didnt really show they cared much wich really got to me my jerk off of a older brother whos selfish said that "thats what she gets for eating fast food" wtf i punched him in the face and said thats your mom i couldnt understand how he can say it as if its nothing i feel like im the only one who truly cares for my mothers well being and it really can take a toll on u since i had my own plans to move ahead with my own life so i guess the only thing i can do is pray that tomorrow i get good news and know that this isnt a death sentence for her even if she has cancer shes a strong woman and if im supporting her i think she can do anything well yea thanks for listen n to me and my issues i dont want any pity because i think itll b ok no i know i will just felt i had to tell u all and say that im sorry for not supporting everyone this past week just didnt really know how to deal with this i have been putting on my fake smile for her and try n my best to stay strong so shell feel ok well ill update u all on the results well hope u all have a good night love ya – katelyn –

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  1. nelson 13 years ago

    Katelyn in your difficult moments we are with your good moments we are going to be with just relax and let the good will you have invested in your mum work magic and wonders for her.

     That she is diagnosed of an ailment does not pronounce a death sentence on her because she is not only going to attend your wedding,she will help in taking good care of your baby and she will grow old to enjoy the friut of her labour my dear.

     Dont worry just be happy because your happiness and your mums is a done deal.

     I wish you luck

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