I’m feeling a bit wierd tonight. i’m not sure if it’s anxiety or what. My heart  seems to be beating a little fast, and i can feel it in my chest. I’m not sure there is something specific thats causing it though.

I had an ok day. I didn’t go to class, but I did make it into school to print out my assessment and hand it into the office staff to forward to the teacher. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that now. While i was on the computers at school i uploaded some pics onto my facebook site as I can’t do this at home. My computer is too slow.

After that I went into town and brought some new headphones for my Ipod. While I was in the Apple store I was looking at the Ipod touch. I wouldn’t mind getting that. If/when i get the next lot of $900 "Stimulous package" Kevin Rudd money, I think I might by that. The rest can go towards the rest I owe on my laptop. Mum said that she’ll pay for the rest for my Birthday.

When I was finished there I went into Target, and brought a couple of outfits for my pregnant friend. I’m starting to pick up bits and pieces when I see them on sale. Today I picked up a great bargin of a set of 5 body suits for $10. I was happy with that. I picked white as we still don’t know what the sex is.

I also brought while I was out, A new game for my Wii, Mario Power Tennis, that was a bargin at $44!!! normally they are like $100 a game! and a puzzle for my sister. After that I was glad to be heading home. I hadn’t done much, but it felt like alot, and the easter crowds were starting to get to me.

Apparently i’m going out for a Good friday lunch tomorrow. I only found out about this today. We’re going to my best friends house. Her aunt and her grandmother will be there along with her mum and brother. We used to have these big Good Friday lunches when I was younger. I’m not sure how I feel about it at the moment as her brother, who can go (for lack of a better word) Skitz at the drop of a hat. I just hope he has plenty of drugs to keep him happy. He really needs to get off the dope. When he doesn’t have it, he gets very agressive, and is know to have hit his mother. He scares me when hes like that.

I really want to just relax tonight. Just forget everything for just one night. I had a pretty ok night last night. I was a bit hyper, so i feel sorry for those who were in the chatroom.. I just want to relax.. is that too much to ask?


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