very anxious. I dropped my son off at school an the teacher barely even looked at me or my son. I hope it’s because she was busy try to gather the kids together for their first assembly and not because she was being a total bitch. They hold these assemblies (Pride Gathering as they call them) in the mornings for about the first 20-30 mins of school. Parents are welcome to attend so I stayed and watched my son from behind a tree. He was ok for the most part. Wiggled around a bit, he wasn’t the only one. They did the pledge, and when they were done and sat down my son stayed standing up for a min. or two. I was like oh great. I saw his teacher and she had this look on her face and looked like she was trying to get his attention but she was a ways away from them. He finally sat down. Phew. THen I noticed he was like going into the kids spots that were sitting next to him. He was like invading their space big time. I was mortified cause I knew the teacher was watching him like a hawk.

Needless to say I left there feeling extremely sad, anxious, uneasy… I have a headache and my stomach is achy. I’m just glad today is an early day (they have full days of kinder from 7:50 am – 2:00 pm and early days every Wednesdays 12:40 pm). I hate having to worry about my son. I feeling like he is being looks at as a monster, bad seed, etc. I can’t believe this teacher is even teaching kids. Kids have enough to deal with now a days and are being force to grow up way to quickly, it’s just ridiculous. My son is a very loving boy and even he he does have his moments, he still deserves to be treated like a human being not an animal. Why does life have to be so hard. Again I am feeling like a total failure. I’ll just sit here and sob for a while and hopefully when I pick up my son I won’t have this teacher talking crap. I know she just doesn’t want to deal with him and I can understand that but still. I just don’t know… ugggggggg!

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  1. Mz_Unda_Std 15 years ago

    He’s 5 yrs old. The teacher doesn’t seem to think it’s “normal” behavior. I just hate that she is treating my son like a contagious disease. She had told me that he just has no hope unless he goes to pre-school first. Idk. It just makes me feel like crap ya know.

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