My boyfriend finally got a job after being unemployed for a bit. I'm still working at a temp. agency and just finished an assignment 2 days ago. Both me and him needed to get our liscences renewed…it cost me $106 to get it transferred to the state I live in now and to get a new liscence. He didn't get his because they said that his liscence was fake, even though he had all the documents to show that the liscence was valid. He had gotten his wallet stolen a month or so ago and had a copy of his liscence sent from puerto rico, along with all the documents to show that it's valid. I don't get paid until next week and he won't get paid until the end of the month, so right now we are both broke, his bank account is actually in the negative because he paid to refill his grandfather's gas tank since even though I only use it for work and everyone uses it all the time, I and my boyfriend are the only ones that pay for the gas, but whatever. And we also had to go buy laundry deturgent and go do our laundry at the laundry mat because his mother proclaimed that we're wasting her deturgent. As far as I see it, we're not wasting it. We're doing our laundry with the deturgent. We pay rent, we help take care of the foster kids she's supposed to look after, we pay for the gas in the car that we use for work, we pay our part of the electric bill, we cook, we do dishes, and we clean. So right now, I'm actually pretty upset that now she's not letting us use the washer and dryer at the house, or even her deturgent. I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting, but I'm actually offended by it. We help keep up the house, my boyfriend does yard work and he even does his brother's homework because for some reason according to his mom, his brother can't do his homework.

So I'm a little confused, because even with my family, we were on REALLY bad terms at some points in my life when I had moved out, and my mom still let me use her washer and dryer and freaking deturgent. But what caused her to suddenly stop letting us use her things…my boyfriend got a job. So apparently in her world, once you get a job that means that you suddenly have money in your bank account. I guess now she's talking about having us go get and pay for our groceries, and buy our own fridge, we already pay for half of the food when she goes shopping, and there's 9 people in the house all the time, and sometimes she gets foster kids, so that's 9 plus however many she gets. So we're paying for food that me and my boyfriend don't use, so why the hell can't she let us use her damn deturgent?

Right now we're so broke that I can't even get new clothes. I recently lost 22 lbs, so none of my clothes fit, and they're falling apart, my shoes don't even have a grip anymore, they're completely flat on the bottom. So she's seeing me every single day like this, and she wants us to go buy our own things when we already help pay for far more then our fair share of the house. Because I would love to actually be able to save up money and get new clothes, but she obviously doesn't think that since her son (my boyfriend) has been unemployed for about 2 or 3 months, and I'm the only one working, and she keeps making us pay for more and more, that some how we'll still have money to get ourselves things. And the thing is, she made us start paying for things since I got here, but just the past month or so she's been making us pay for more and more. And what really gets me is that she goes out clothes shopping every two weeks for herself and goes and gets her other kids things about every week or week and a half, yet she then complains that she's just bearly making it by because me and my boyfriend aren't paying for anything.

And to top it all off, she's apparently mad at me also because her adoptive son who's 2 and apparently autistic is now calling me mommie, and she told me that I'm "ruining her baby" because I'm the first one in the house to figure out he's not autistic, he's spoiled and manipulative. When he throws a tantrum I tell him in a harsh voice to stop and then walk away, and then he stops. When he throws things on the ground, I make him pick it up, when he hits people I make him say sorry, and I don't talk to him like he's a baby. Now the doctors are taking back their diagnois of him being autistic. Because he would throw tantrums, especially when he wouldn't get what he wanted, he'd just make baby sounds, and whenever she has foster kids that she would be showing attention to he would take the kids' things and actually wedge himself between her and the new kids.

So one day I was alone with him and he started to throw a tantrum because he wanted a cookie and I told him no (no one ever tells him no), then he threw himself on the ground and I just walked into the next room and made sure I could still keep an eye on him. Then he followed me still crying and I just ignored him until he stopped crying. But according to my boyfriend's wonderful mother I was neglecting her poor baby. I made sure that the entire time I had an eye on him, and the entire time after that he's actually been talking whenever I'm around and doesn't throw tantrums.

So excuse me for showing her that she was really just spoiling her kid rotten. So now she's just being a b*tch about everything…now I know why people hate their in-laws. And to think, the last straw with all of this was all because she wouldn't let me use her washer and dryer or even deturgent.


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