Today was ok I guess. One of my family friends is here in CT, she lives 15 minutes away from us so it's nice to have someone familiar around from when I was younger. For most of the day my boyfriend's family was at church (one of the main reasons why I love Sundays), they left at around 5am and came back at about 6:30pm. The entire day was very relaxing, it was just me, my boyfriend and his brother. We were goofing around and playing video games, it was very relaxing. Then everyone came home…that's when the chaos started all over again 🙂 I swear that woman is just a tornado of drama and chaos.

Yesturday we went to the state pier (it's in downtown) and we watched the fireworks, it was nice once the fireworks started. They were set off really close to the pier, you could feel the boom of the fire works. There was a big fight at the pier but the police broke it up before it got too serious I think, I didn't watch so I don't know for sure. There were SO many people there, I was getting really anxious, I don't like being crammed close to people in big crowds, people are rude and they don't watch where they're going, it upsets me. My boyfriend's mom thankfully wasn't making a lot of drama and problems when we were at the pier. Once the fireworks started it was really pretty and my boyfriend and I just stood and watched next to his favorite aunt and uncle (they're really cool, I like them).

But today has just been a very relaxing day and somewhat amusing. Mainly amusing because when his mom came home she was stressing out about everything and running around like a headless chicken while everyone just gave her kind of an awkward look and relaxed. None of the kids were crying, nothing really needed to be done, dinner could have been started but we already ate and everyone else was going out to go do stuff, so they wouldn't be back until later anyways. So I just found it amusing how everyone was kind of snickering at her.


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