ok so i may be the one on all the meds  and who cant stop washing but i belive now that my hubby is the crazy one betwwen us. im so blown away i dont know what to do. ok sothe storm is on its way, we all know that. ok. i can deal with that, imay loose all my stuff but thats not whats importtant, our lives are right. well my hubby got some dumb idea inhis haed that we shouldnt leave unless its a 3 like katreina even though thay are doing mandatory evacuation at leval 2. BECAUSE OUR LEVAYs DONT WORK.  i think the city knows a bit better than we do. he said its so he can go back to work the next day, (assuming it stillt hair.) and we allknow what ASSume means. he thinks his boss will freak out if it takes him an extra day to get back. well if his boss his like that scrrew him right?  i want to move the crap away from this death trap anyway. oh and on top of that my mom is staying to. what the crap is with people. did we just all forget about last time. i mean my step son was stuck on the roof for 5 days with his dog cause thay didnt leave.  thair wasnt help sent to the city for weeks, women were raped  in the streets and noone stoped it. peopel were shooting at eachouther for no reasion. it was hell on earth. what is my hubby thinking. i dotn get it. he thinks the flowers will bloom just because he want them to. life dosent work like that. we live in  the merder capitalof the usa andthat just get wose inthe time of tragity. what do i do.


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