I looked for you but u weren’t there, I called for u but u didn’t answer, I felt beside me but u weren’t there, I wondered where u had gone but lost thought when I saw your note. I picked it up in my shaky hands and read it wasn’t til I was half way through that I realised that I was saying your words outloud.
Dear my heart,
By now u would of realised I am gone and before u ask no I’m not coming back, I can’t love sumone who doesn’t love me back so I walk and even if u do find me I’m not coming back, so don’t bother trying to find me..
Forever yours

Tears formed as I read your name over and over again, it had been along time since u had used ur real name when writing me notes so I knew this was no joke and u were really gone and there wasn’t anything I could do about it… I was lost, my mouth went dry and tears still fell like there was no tomorrow. What had I done to deserve this I worshipped the ground u walked on the pain soon turned to anger and I threw the picture of us across the room and it smashed into thousands of pieces lost gone forever. Good was my first thought then oh no I can’t believe I just did that to fuck why did u have to go and leave me and like this. I walked over and got a dustpan and brush and began to pick the pieces up shit I cut my self I stared at the blood that had bubbled up, I licked it mm copper. I stared at my finger I had this numb feeling, the tears appeared again and I sat on the floor between the broken pieces of glass and the shreaded photo and sobbed.

I don’t know how long I was on that floor for but when I came to reality I could hear a knocking, first thought was of u that u had come back but when I saw who it was I knew u weren’t coming back it was your sister, she had come to get your things, she noticed the blood on my hand and asked what happened and I blew it off and said I cut it when I broke a glass, I refuse to let her see my weakness to see my broken, I had this thought while I watched her collect your things, I wondered if it was her that had convinced you to leave, the anger came again but I supressed it and politely told her to fuck off and asked her to tell you that if u wanted ur stuff u could come get it urself, I pushed her out the door and slammed it locking her from the place of our heaven.

You did come get your stuff I noticed when I arrived home, all your things were gone and the keys u once held were left spread out on the coffee table, that was it u were gone, we were no more a life I knew just disappeared, tears form as I slide down the wall Good bye my Angel………


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