Today has been one of those days when everything you touch turns into a big, steaming pile of crap. I'm not in a bad mood over it, since they're relatively small things, but I'm twice as tired as I would normally be.

Drove out to Valparaiso before work this morning so I could drop off a resume at this elementary school that's looking for a secretary. It was supposed to be quick and simple and then I'd head to work from there, but I get there and 5 other women are sitting in the hallway for a meet-and-greet with the principal. I was in my work clothes and felt out-ranked. Doubly so because my bad back has given me a less-than-graceful Quasi Moto gait.

There was no one around to leave my resume with, along with an explanation why I couldn't stay. I felt gypped. No one said there were going to be introductions at the time of application when they advertised the position–and to make matters worse, as I was leaving, the principal started talking to one of the other applicants like–"Oh, my god! How ARE you?" They knew eachother.

WTF, man…

So, luckily, the principal came out and told everyone they coud just leave their resumes on the office desk if they were unable to stay. I was already going to be late for work. I left mine and went to leave just as my sister calls me to talk about our brother's impending divorce. I then proceeded to make a wrong turn out of the school parking lot and drove ten minutes on a long country road with my gas tank nearly on EMPTY. I finally get turned around and headed back to civilization and a Shell station, where my card would NOT work at the pump. At this time I should have been clocking in at work, but instead, I was twenty minutes away, limping my way inside to pay for my gas as my older sister prattled on about some sad documentary she watched.

I get to work 39 minutes late and my manager decides to go over my performance review…again. She reminds me my sales volume is still low…again, and i remind her that I've been making improvements since I got the injection in my back…again.

BUT, my dearest friend C just gave me a call and says he wants to stop by. Outside of Facebook, I hardly ever get to talk to him anymore. I'm off tomorrow and I'm thinking this is a Captain Morgan night. Yeah.



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