Me gently trying to adress something that's eating at me==> Him copping an immediate defensive attitude despite my assurence that I love him and I'm not  attacking him as a person==> Him trying to walk away from me while I'm talking to him==>

Me getting angry that he doesn't care about resolving something that's hurting me, that he's more content with me suffering in silence==>Him doing the passive-aggressive I'm-physically-here-because-you're-making-me-but-I'm-going-to-slump-in-my-seat-while-delivering-mono-sylabic-psuedo-placating-answers-routine, like a child of 10==>

Me bordering on giving it another try or throwing my engagement ring at his face and driving out to my sister's for ever and ever==>Him laughing sarcastically and claiming that he doesn't understand what I want from him, that he "can't win for losing"==> Me telling him it's not a contest, and I've told him EXACTLY what I need from him, if he'd only stop pretending I'm speaking some exotic female language and try thinking about it before *enter grievence here*==>

Him pointing out that *I* commit this particular thing ALL THE TIME, and then proceeding to point out anything else under the sun that I may do==> Me, asking for a for-instance==> Him saying he doesn't "write them down" like I must (being a woman and all)==>Me suggesting we adress my miriad of wrong-doing after he stops ignoring my specific problem and helps resolve it==>

Him yelling something cruel at the top of his lungs and acting as though I'm ruining his entire life==>Me, screaming back, grabbing my keys and going for a drive==>Him going to bed==>Me returning from my drive and going to bed in silent anger==>Him rolling over and half-jokingly asking if I still love him==>Me: "Yes"==>Him, cutely: "No you don't"==>Me, half-jokingly "Nah, not really"==>Him appologizing==> Me: "Okay" ==>Him, aking if I forgive him for snapping==>Me pausing for a second before saying yes==>Him, doting on me for a while before going to sleep==>Me letting him until I finally fall asleep, still pissed==>Him appologizing a dozen more times throughout the next day, while the original problem still remains unsolved.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Sounds like you're trying to cope with a boat load of undiagnosed emotional problems with this guy. Not for me to say, but if he isn't willing to get help and cooperate with therapy, why do you stay?  Do you like the torment?  I am sorry to be so cruel, but a person in denial, can't help himself and can seriously effect the mental health of those around him.  I personally wish you well, but am having a hard time wishing him anything. 

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  2. xillah 12 years ago

    Nah, he's just your standard thick-headed guy is all…

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