So funny that here it is another day, another day that I have to suffer this anxiety. I tried talking more to my husband about it last night and he just rolled his eyes and kept watching the football game. Hello what is that? I just gave a little grin and said we can talk more tomorrow. Well that is not going to happen he got up and went into work early, not even saying that we could talk later. I have no idea what is going on. He was fine knowing that I needed to go back to the doctor to get the meds and that for at least a couple days need adjusting again and now it is like a totally different person. They paranoid side of me thinks that he talked to his brother and he gave him a hard time about it. My in laws are not the supportive of anything that concerns me. So on top of that earlier my main support person left and I can not call her till tomorrow and my other person left for a while and I can not call her. Man this sucks!!!! I feel so alone and I have no idea why. I have my 3 1/2 yr old and my 2 dogs but that does not seem to help. I just wish that there was someone that I could call and talk all this to and they would understand. Someone else that is like me but that is recovered or even has it under control so that I could just talk and they could talk and then I could see that everything is going to get better. I know that I am not crazy I feel like it but I know I am not..I just am trying to get through another day..


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