I was sleeping through the night almost every night and it was great. I love when I am able to do that. Now, for the last couple weeks, I have not been able to. I will sleep from about 11 at night till about 2 in the morning and then be wide awake. Then the anxiety starts to hit around 5 or 530 am. At this time I am tired but yet cant sleep because I am extremely anxious. My main concern when it comes to anxiety is my health. That is my fear. Dying of a heart attack is top on that list. A little bit ago I was changing the rings on the shower curtain when I noticed that my pulse felt high. It was around 100. I was starting to panic and got all worried abuot it. For some reason lately my pulse has been entering into the triple digits like it really hasnt before. I dont know if this is just due to anxiety or if it has to do with being out of shape. One of the meds that I am on has a side effect of weight gain and let me tell you, they werent lying! I eat a minimal amount of food and still gain weight. Im never really that hungry. This sucks! I worked my hardest to drop 20 pounds and now I gained it all back due to this. Last night I ordered a treadmill online and my dad and I are going to pick it up later this afternoon. I need to get back into shape. I am overweight, and have been for years, and it blows. I don't eat junk food for comfort like a lot of people say that people do, I eat it because it is so damn tasty!! LOL. Well, I'm gonna stop typing and check out some fellow anxiety tribe member's blogs. Take it easy everyone and thank you for reading.

  1. bigtruck9449 10 years ago

    The problem is that I don\'t eat that much as it is. I actually eat half of what I ate when I lost 20 pounds before I started taking this medication. Crazy, right??

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  2. Dontlikethis 10 years ago

    I think you should most definetly stop checking your pulse! Checking it alone will cause it to go up! Except your symptoms and they will go away! Don\'t fear the fear! And definetly don\'t look for it! Try it! I do it all the time

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