I just celebrated my 27th birthday . it was pretty awesome compared to the last five birthdays wich sucked ass.I got married in spetember of 2008 and have been married for almost two years I am in Businness School. We are having a rocky time rigt now. He is out of work and I was just in a really bad wreck back in september right before our 1 year anniversary.I am in physical therapy and basically useless. Struggling in school. In pain everyday and depression is a big part of my life. Had to put getting pregnant on the back burner. I have migraines now and we still fight over stupid shit all the time. Sometimes I feel like I am married to the high school football star who is striving for poularity instead of the responsible grown man and sometimes I suspisions that he might have cheated, not like slept with someone else "cheated" but I have caught him flirting with other girls and I have intercepted text messages on his phone from other girls. I have actually talked to one girl and she admitted to me that he wanted to sleep with her but she didn't want to be the other woman because he was still married and didn't have a job. I told her that no matter what happened that if she ever talked to him again that I would fuck her would up. I appreciated her honesty but that I don't tolerate bullshit from fucking bitches. Mainly because she had met me and knew that he was married and regardless of what he had told her she should have told him to fuck off. What do I do. Stand by my man . Well I have stood by him through worse so. He is always telling me that flirting is just his personality and I tell his that htat is just a way of trying to get way with cheating. I told him I don't flirt with other guys. When I talk to the girl she told me things that she could have only known if he had told her. When I asked him- He told me the exact opposite. He said that we needed some time apart. So he came home and picked a fight with me and ran away like a two yr old on his bike. went and stayed with another chick and her boyfriend and their two kids for a week. wouldn't talk to me. Apparently this is the wekk that he gave this amanda BITCH  a ride home from work. out of all the people in the world- HE WAS THE ONLY THAT THE SKANK could call-RIGH?? YEAH.  he said that he came onto him and wanted to get together and he turned "HER: down and that she was pissed. She said that she turned him down and that he was mad at her and that is why she texted him- the one that I managed to intercept- just becuase I had the phone that day and she texted and said hey are you still mad at me and I called and confronted her and this is not the first girl this has happend with VIA text message.  GIVE ME A SHOUT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK PEOPLE…. i JUST NEEDED TO GET MY FRUSTRATIOnS Out  THANKS FOR LISTENING.. heather….


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