a poem written together… seperately, by me and my soulmate who ultimately betrayed my love…

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"Yes, Love."

I am yours, and you are mine,
we'll find a way, our souls will bind,
forever and ever, 'till the end of time,
I am yours and you are mine.

We are one, you and I,
our souls are joined, our world the sky,
we love eachother and our love won't die,
we are one, you and I 

I live for you, will you for me?
I crave the world my love to see,
my love for you and yours for me,
I love for you, will you for me ?

Yes, my love. The purest, truest love I've ever known.
Seeds of tender, loving, care are sewn,
To grow into a radiant beautiful flower.
God of love, grant us in your power,
Our deepest longing to be together.
Our hearts have wings, feel light as a feather.
We are strong, we can get through this;
Our joy, love, happiness, bliss
Will carry us on.
Until the end, when time has gone
All my love for you, these words are all I can say,
Come what may…..

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Time in a Bottle
By Jim Croce
Release date: By 19 September, 1995

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