im thoroughly DISGUSTED WITH LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!! i just NEED to vent!!! my boys have been here since yesterday..leigh picked them up from afterschool and was told by Ms. Maxwell, (Nak's afterschool aid) that he hasnt done homework for the past 2 weeks….Nak (he's in kindergarden) goes to an extended day class, then afterschool….his kindergarden teacher suggested he be placed in this program so that he could get extra help with his work….now Ms A…the teacher conducting the class is his kindergarden teacher….so WHY THEN, FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS HAS MY SON NOT DONE HIS HOMEWORK??? we were told (by Ms Maxwell)that he keeps leaving his books in his classroom….how is it that there is another little boy who attends afterschool (that is from Nak's  kindergarden class) that doesnt seem to be having the same issues as MY son!!! he gets his homework DONE…IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM am i BLAMING Ms Maxwell for NOT helping Nak with his work…what i AM saying is that FOR SOMEONE TO BE ON TOP OF THINGS, (their father) HOW IS IT THAT OUR SON ISNT DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR TWO WEEKS IN A ROW???? Damein is SOOO FUKN QUICK to ACCUSE ME of being an UNFIT parent!!! but HE is the ONE who has these kids DURING THE SCHOOL WEEK NOW!!!! HE IS THE ONE THAT TOLD ME THAT THEY NEEDED TO BE CLOSE TO SCHOOL, and THAT I WAS THE ONE THAT WAS RESPONISBLE FOR THEM BEING OUT OF SCHOOL SO OFTEN….BRO, they LIVE with YOU now….and YOU CANT EVEN SEE TO IT THAT THEIR WORK IS DONE CORRECTLY….OR DONE FOR THAT MATTER!!!! how is it that YOU HAVENT QUESTIONED THE TEACHER as to WHY his books arent being brought HOME….or have MADE A COMPLAINT questioning WHY our son doenst come home with MAKE UP HOMEWORK????? YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE ON TOP OF THESE THINGS….ARENT YOU CLAIMING THAT YOU HAVE SOLE CUSTODY???? ARE YOU THE ONE THROWING UR COCK AROUND SAYING THAT U ARE THEIR PRIMARY CARE GIVER???HOW IS THIS OK???? you talk SOO MUCH FUKN SHIT!!! SO MUCH GAME…but there isnt ANY FOLLOW THROUGH!!!! YOU MAKE MY SICK!!!

this week is parent teacher conference….TRUST AND BELIEVE that i WILL be talking to ALL of their teachers!!!

EVERYWEEK WE (leigh and myself)HAVE TO FIGHT WITH THESE KIDS TO DO SIMPLE HOMEWORK tasks!!! assignments that should take NO MORE THAN AN HOUR take 6-7 hours!!!! we spend the WHOLE afternoon INTO the EVENING TRYING to EXPLAIN to the boys HOW and WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE…..WTF is goin on at their father's house???? how is it that my children DONT KNOW HOW TO DO HOMEWORK, STUDY, TAKE NOTES???

I AM SOOO FUKN ASHAMED OF MY BOYS RIGHT NOW!!! I AM EMBARRASSED at the fact that i see them sliding down the ladder of FAILURE!!!! ACADEMICALLY my boys are on the level of special ed students!!! they DONT produce the work of 5th, 2nd, or kindergarden students!!!! my fifth grader REFUSES to do his work…he's CONTENT with handing in HALF ASSED work!!! he DOESNT re read his work, half the time his work DOESNT make sense!!! i give my boys POP QUIZ spelling tests when they are here on words that they SHOULD know the spelling AND meaning of….they FAIL MISERABLY!!! i have TO FORCE Sav to do his current event homework assignments….(these are assignments he gets regularly EVERY weekend) I END UP HAVING TO LOOK UP ARTICLES on the internet because if i leave it up to him he would pick something that consists of 5 sentences and write 2 sentences about the article….grammatical errors, spelling errors, and false information….i have to PRACTICALLY write the damn assignment for him…..i can sit there with him and READ the damn article and he STILL wont know what to write….i can give him an OUTLINE on HOW to write his paper and he would STILL manage to screw it up….until we are BOTH frustrated….he would SIT there and stare into space and his final product would end up being a half assed paper…..i tell you…i WANT TO BEAT THE SMART INTO HIM!!!

THEN…..there is my 8 yr old, Kyev….he is in the second grade…this would be his 2nd yr in the second grade….HIS TEACHER…OMG….. she has him reading level one books….books that have one sentence per page with pictures…..her assignments are REDICULOUS!!! my son's assignment was to write an essay describing what he would do with a pot of gold….i asked my son if he KNEW how to write and essay…..HE HAD NO CLUE!!! my son told me that his teacher hadnt explained to the class what needed to be in their essays…..(which isnt far fetched)this woman's book reports consisted of sending my son home with a worksheet…on that worksheet he was to write 2 sentences about the book, draw a picture of their favorite part of the book, and list 2 characters in the story….ALL DONE ON A WORKSHEET….WHO DOES THAT???   heaven FORBID she ask our children to add MORE input to the book report!!!it makes me sooo mad i want to throw up!!! at NO POINT IN TIME does this lady encourage for the children to do extra….adding a little more detail…NOT AT ALL….when i tell my son its ok to add more detail to what he's describing he worries that he would get in trouble……WTF are they teaching my children at this school….???

THIS IS THE SCHOOL THAT THEIR AMAZING FATHER PRAISES!!! this is the SAME SCHOOL that recieved an "F" in the NYC grading system….

it brings me to tears because i feel like im FAILING as a parent because i TRY my BEST everytime they are home with me to CORRECT these issues!!!! i dont know what damein is doing at home, if he REINFORCES what they've learned in school….(he's NOT a stupid man…)but what reflects when they come here is that they have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! he DOES NOTHING for these boys!!! to be COMPLETELY HONEST, if i were savyon's teacher i would FAIL him…if i were Nak's teacher I WOULD FAIL HIM!!! my children show NO EFFORT!!! NO DESIRE to do work….why should they, if they arent getting the help at home??? if they are LEFT to do things on their own, with no one guiding them, or helping them see the errors they've made…?

i feel like my RANTS are just that…RANTS…im taking the steps i need to take by documenting everything, taking pictures of their books, the work that they submit, or lack therof….but i dont know what thats goin to do for us NOW!!!! these boys NEED to be HELPED RIGHT NOW!!!! i dont know what to do anymore……there is NO talking to damein bout these issues because he doesnt want to hear it…..he doesnt see anything wrong with the boys…..he sees IMPROVEMENTS!!!! I THINK HE NEEDS TO BE BITCH SLAPPED!!!! im losing my boys….im losing them……i see the differences in them….i see them slipping away….all of these CHANGES have taken place in their FATHER'S CARE!!!!!


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