I just got off a 15 hour, or should I say 30 hour work weekend. (15hrs a day) I am exhausted and once again feeling down and discouraged. It's bad enough home life is tough but work too. I gues they don't call it work for nothing. Just when i find the career and field I want to be in that i fin fulfilling… i find myself being disappointed by my bosses. You would think work would be easier working for friends but it's alot worse. When they say don't work with friends or family… they sure are right. I just think these ppl have no clue on how to run a business. I came in and made changes for the better and we just can't seem to move forward. We were doing so well for a while but then we just fell in a rut we can't or won't get out of. I love what I do and work with some wonderful autistic kids. It kills me to ever think I may have to leave them but what other option do I have. I am going to go nuts working for these ppl. Uggg!!! Why does life have to be so hard all the way around. Home life sux atm and I am just so overwhelmed with bills, kids, work, a jack ass husband, etc. I'm hoping that my therapist who I haven;t seen in months calls me back. I need to see her and just let all these feeling and stories out. I can't continue to coop it up inside. If i keep doing that I'm going to explode and I don't want to do that. For now I will continue to write these blogs and get all the negative energy out and hopfully as it goes out it stay out……..


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