Hi, it’s me again. I don’t seem to be as bad off as most of you but here goes. I came here 2-3 days ago in search of somewhere to talk about my transition or find people to somehow relate to. I did find people to relate to and it’s fine I didn’t find the first thing as that is not the main goal of his website. I like the friends I’ve made here.

On an only slightly related note, My family is all diagnosably mentally ill if not diagnosed with there respective mental illnesses. This isn’t a teenage exaggeration, it is something told to me by all of them. It’s getting to me at this point that they’re all to donked up to help me. I can’t even sit down and talk with my mom because she is always too exhausted or emotionally disturbed when I need her. Everyone else is only good for life lessons and man stuff or is my little brother.

I haven’t talked to my IRL friends or romantic partner in weeks and it’s getting to me. This is the only place where I’ve been able to contact people my age. For once everyone is freaking out but only about things that don’t matter. The world is falling in on me but not for the same reasons as it’s falling in on everyone else. I’m lonely because I haven’t left home in almost a month or seen a familiar face I don’t live with. I’m sure all of you are dealing with the same thing just mentioned but that does not make it any better or easier.

I don’t even have a story or poem about getting better or someone who helped me like everyone else posting a blog on here. I just rant and describe my life in a way that probably makes it seem like I only care about myself. The sample text says these are supposed to help others on the website, but I just feel selfish doing this because all I do is complain and help nobody but me with these blog posts.


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