Isnt it odd how I seem to come back here at the same time each year? It makes me wonder wether the OCD has a subconsious alarm clock at work in addition to all of its other erm…..charms? ;o)

So Have I any exciting news for y'all my loyal (or should that be occasional/ curious readers!) the answer to that wuold be a resounding No-The past year has been a examplary rendition of SSDD!

I do seem to have become social secretary to Spartacus-the oldest Guinea Pig in my herd! Yes thats right folks even my Piggie has more of a life than I do, not only does he have twice the number of freinds as me on FB, he has a Twitter account where he seems to have amassed a following of over 800 (I dont even have an account) And Now he is even writing booking reviews for an online paper! *sigh* it must be nice to have a life! Still he's not letting it go to his head, he lets me be a part of the experience by allowing me to type for him, cleaning his cage out oh and by volunteering my services to any "anipal" who requires things made for fundraising gigs the joy!

I'm still working really hard with my therapist and am sure that my concerted efforts to be open and honest are contributing nicely to her (no doubt) imminent mental collapse-I shall try to keep you posted however, by now you should be more than familliar with my shockingly bad blogging skills!

hark I hear a piggie wheeking-that can only mean one thing, the herd are deamnding muchies! better sign off an go tend "Da Pigz"

Hope y'all are Ok and currently "winning" Take care and I'll catch you on the flipside! (whaddya say same time next year? ;op )




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