Yes, this blog is gonna have the inner pain and raw truth about me in it. This is an update from my very first blog back in mid-may.

Its been two weeks or so since I wrote my first blog, and within that time a lot has happened as evident by my other blogs. Has my life been getting better? That’s debatable since the meaning of “getting better” is different for everyone, including me. I believe “getting better” is the start of the recovery process. Whether is addiction, depression, PTSD, etc. they all “get better”.

For me, my depression has fluctuated heavily. There have been good times, there have been bad times. An example of a good time is my first day of volunteer work, I was excited and lost myself in the art around me. An example of a bad time is the day I came out to my mom as androgynous a few days ago, since she wasn’t very accepting of it. But, it gets better. Or should I say, it will get better. Time is the best medicine for me, and all I can do is give my mind time to recover. I cant speed this process otherwise I’m back at square one, nor can I go too slow due to a possible relapse in my cutting habits and disbelief in recovery.

All I can say for now is that I’m doing better than I was before, and I have the moral support from this website and my loved ones to help me.

Y’all are supportive, and I’m very grateful for it.


That guy has been very helpful to me, and I have nothing to say but “thank you”. jhewitt03041976, if you’re reading this, know that I’m in your debt for helping me out.

Thanks y’all.

– Purae

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” – RuPaul


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