I swear if I dont learn how to calm down and not get angry so easily. Ive had an alright day yesterday at work (I guess) and today was going great, note the word WAS as in it all turned horrible very quickly. A customer came in asking for white zinfandel by the bottle (normally when people ask this they mean blossom hill white zinfandel) so I said the price and she said it was too expensive so she will have a large glass. I then said we dont sell it by the glass only the bottle, still referring to blossom hill as I didn't know (I normally do waitressing not the bar). She then started raising her voice about how we dont sell it by the glass and I said we have the rosé on tap so she tasted it and decided to have that one. Anyway I served her and her family, she sat down and that was it. Or so I thought. I then was in the middle of serving someone and she comes up to the bar and patronises me. In front of people. She gets out the menu, points to white zinfandel by the glass (which I then found out was the one I served on tap) and said, in a patronising tone, that white zinfandel is a flavour not a name of the wine. I said Im sorry i thought you meant blossom hill because its what other people normally mean when they order that. She then retaliated with 'i work in a bar so i know, im just telling you so you know for next time because you really pissed me off with that' .. I just went red, i was so embarrassed in front of people but at same time got angry, and i know that if i didn't want to keep my job i would have gone for her and ripped her to shreds for that. I was so angry afterwards. Everyone makes mistakes. You learn from them. But she right snapped my head off. I dont know where people get off thinking they can talk to people who are serving them, like shit. She can take her cockiness and vanity elsewhere. People nowadays really need to take less time in putting on their face to go out and more time learning manners and respect. Especially for those who are serving you. The fact she apparently worked in a bar herself shows she should understand what its like because she wouldn't enjoy it if i came in and did that, patronised her in front of everyone and made her feel so small. Hope karma hits these bitches. and fast.

  1. anxietycoachNH 8 years ago

    I don\'t know if sharing a similar experience I had will help at all but it might, you\'re story just hit close to home. Last week I flew to Florida to visit some family. I get a little nervous before take-off, as many people do, and was tapping my right leg a little to help release the nervous energy. Well, when 2 flight attendants noticed they asked if I was nervous and I replied \”just a little, for take-off\”. Once I said that, they both berated me for being seated in an emergency exist aisle, they went on to raise their voices at me in front of several other passengers for \”endangering the lives of 177 passengers\” all because I was a little nervous and apparently couldn\'t handle the responsibilities of an emergency exit row. Keep in mind, during all this I repeated several times that I didn\'t know I wasn\'t allowed to sit there as nervous flyer and I was more than happy to move. They continued this for a good 5 minutes while I sat there with tears of embarrassment, and now much more fear, streaming down my face. I felt childish, weak, victimized and VERY scared/claustrophobic. But then I had a few minutes to think about it and realized, you know what, there are just some mean and rude people in the world. That situation was a reflection of how ignorant and in-compassionate those flight attendants were, not a reflection of me being \”weak\” for feeling scared and making a simple error. That situation was a result of their short-comings, not mine. And honestly, I think it\'s easy to focus on the mean-spirited people but it\'s important to focus on the wonderful and kind people too, even if it feels like they are in shorter supply. For instance, I had really nice flight attendants on my return flight that didn\'t feel the need to switch my seat, and were actually quite kind and funny. Forget the miserable people, they are not worth hanging on too because in reality, they are already probably living a life that is just as miserable as them. You know what they say, misery loves company. Oh and also, it helped me to practice being assertive, aggression got me no where and holding back only increased my anxiety. I tried to talk to the flight attendants (after taking a few deep breaths and calming my fear.rage) to tell them I was more than happy to cooperate and move but as a nervous flyer could have used a bit more compassion and support, they weren\'t really willing to hear me but I felt better because I defended myself. As we got off the plane, I told them that I hoped if they were ever in a situation where they were scared or vulnerable, that someone shows them more compassion than they showed to me.

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  2. pe19 8 years ago

    AnxietycoachNH .. That is a horrible story! What them flight attendants did to you and to belittle you in front of so many people knowing they were watching they carried on. I swear they think they have power! They really don\'t have the right at all to speak to anyone like that, they\'re supposed to treat people in shock or who are scarf and nervous with respect and calm them down, not disrespect them. Situation reversed and they were in your shoes, they wouldn\'t like it. Im appalled but at the same time not shocked because this world never seems to phase me. Ive had so many bad run ins with bad people that im used to it now, I expect them to be mean but that girl could have left it but the fact she came upto me on the bar after already sitting down and going away, was uncalled for and evil. She looked like one of them girls in mean girls, evil look, make up plastered on her face, thinks she\'s the IT girl. Just made me think of bullies in school. All of them looked pretty similar to her .. The \”popular\” kids. I just seem to have really bad run ins with people in this pub.
    Delane .. Haha thank you! Just dont seem to understand people like that, I wouldn\'t dream of belittling someone and patronizing them in front of people .. Ever. Just isn\'t in my nature to do that. I wish I could have turned round and said \”get out, your barred\” but I couldn\'t 🙁 its a form of bullying what she did. They do! You\'re right! People need to stop thinking of themselves as royalty and think they can look down on people and get their head our their ass. Hugs returned 🙂 need them! Haha

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