there always everywhere,

Every single sign of toxic love in the air,

I try to keep my cool,

i’m trying not to scream,

but no one ever sees how much it gets to me,

voices raised fists balled,

all i can do is hide and bawl,

pretend i’m not there,

i’m nothing but thin air,

that way they can’t blame me,

for something out of everything,

I’m working on my spirit,

I’m working on my hope,

but when they start to yell,

my depression gets me low,

i bite my tounge and hold my breath,

do this till theres nothing left,

but no matter what I do,

they always scream,” it’s all because of you!”

I know you didn’t know this,

but it brings tears to my eyes,

and to be honest i’m not gonna lie,

i hate all of the fighting it always breaks my heart,

waiting for someone to blame me and like a vulture pick me apart,

I hope you do not fight,

and a smile to everyone’s face,

but i hope that you don’t blame me and say i’m outta place,

i care about you all,

no matter how much it hurts,

and i’ll always love u all,

even if you treat me worse than dirt.

  1. deadsoulx 2 years ago

    omg you write such beautiful deep poems!!

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    • brokendoll17 2 years ago

      Thank you hun, i try my best even though their kinda silly. Reading your comments are the best.

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