The time of the Mother is HERE.

Hello my fellow beings, The Mother has placed on my heart this warning. The time of the mother is here. She wants to love you, Bring you peace, Be one with you. She wants all your hurts, anxieties, rage, depression, greed and trauma that has effected your life. She is calling you can you not hear her song? The time of change is now for some and for others another world is being prepared. It is your choice whether or not you heed my call. I will always love you and welcome you back into the whole when you choose. But hear me now the time of poisoning me is coming to an end. It was not apart of the deal your coming into this world and turning me into a wasteland. Hear me my children remove the poisons from your life. The time of the Mother is here.
This is one way to help receive my blessings. Meditate upon me. Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground, breath with your belly (Practice this place one hand on your chest and one on the belly. Don't let your chest move only your belly). As you are breathing let you mind empty. Feel your feet touching the ground. At this time open your heart, feel the Mother Earths energy slowly moving up your feet tingling and energizing your being. Let if flow up through your legs feel them relax. Feel the energy slowly climbing up into your belly and your spine, as it reaches your lungs breath in deeply then exhale deeply a few times. Then let it flow through your neck into your head. Keep letting it flow up and out like a pillar of golden light into the universe for all to see. At this time give yourself to mother she is waiting for you. Let her light and energy heal you she wants you to waken you, be free, enjoy all the little things in life. Be in the now. See her love and beauty all around you. Be in the moment my child.  Be with me your Mother is calling you.
The time of the father has passed. It is time for love and harmony in all of our life's. For you are the mother also. You create your own reality every day! Let us create a new world together. The time of your happiness is here it is NOW. It has always been and will always be. Come my child of my heart come dance with me. Join with me in love. Experience all that life has to offer.
May the peace of the mother be with you always. 
Hello again my friends, My turn for a minute. My birth name is Paul Steven Harris,. I am 42yrs old at this time. I have finally given myself completely to the mothers call. I have been fighting the mother my whole life wanting it my way. But I would end up just going in circles that seem to get smaller and smaller destroying my mind, my body and my soul. Till I looked death and misery in the eye, Then  deciding that this is not the life for me I remembered. Where is my dream? Where is my soulmate? Where is my love? Then I remembered the song of the mother and I tuned back into it. I let it infuse me and I have been crying with the joy and the love of the mother since that time. Let the tears flow. Give unto the mother that what holds you back.  She is waiting for you.
But to say the least I am not sure how this book is going unfold.  I am sure that there will be trials and tribulations. Just that I will give myself  unto her and she will guide my hands.
So please join me in meditating upon her. May her light and love shine through you and touch all whom you meet. May her love and kindness spread like wild fire through the world.
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