Treading muddy waters

Suffocation imminent.

Breathing toxicity.

Limbs sprawl and dart erratically

Unable to support this weight

Hollow and weighted.

Panicked eyes search the surface above

‘Please don’t let me drown’

The voice screams inside.

Sleep is coming

Eternal sleep, to take away

Suffering and drowning.

Faces surround the surface

With vacant stares, watching.

Her chest tightens

Begging for one breath;

Before all is lost.

Not a single hand moves forward from above.

In her final moments

With all her agony

She lets out her final, silent scream.

Suffocated she falls

Downward into the darkness,

Like a child’s rag doll.


Copyright 2008 jade clark

All rights reserved


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  1. anxiety666 15 years ago

    Nice work Jade.

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