Some pills


Some pills keep their promises

Some pills lie and see nothing wrong with it

Some pills make you laugh when you’re sad

Some pills make you cry for no reason

Some pills were made to take in small doses

Some pills you need for the rest of your life

Some pills will bring you money from the streets

Some pills help you sleep better at night

Some pills keep you awake for days

Some pills make all your troubles go away

Some pills come at too high of a price

Some pills are generic and there’s a good reason why

Some pills are placebos and you never even needed them

Some pills help you remember

Some pills help you forget

Some pills remind you how long it’s been since you’ve slept

Some pills don’t care if they make you cry

Some pills say it’s ok to get high

Some pills can’t be taken with liquor

Some pills are slow and some are quicker

Some pills turn you on

Some pills turn you off

Some pills are strong enough to through you around

Some pills are safe

Some pills are dull

Some pills are prescribed

Some pills are easy to sell


My pills make my happy

But they make me forget

My pills make my cry

Until my pillow’s all wet

My pills make me inspired

But they also make me tired

My pills should help me sleep

But I haven’t in weeks.

My pills make my numb

To everything except fear

My pills are addictive

Or so that’s what I hear

My pills don’t do shit

And it makes me upset

My pills are just my pills

And they are just like yours

My pills will continue being taken

Until I don’t hurt anymore.


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