We are on day 13 & Gwen is finally on the mend , We made it through the first week , which was the hardest , tomorrow makes Two weeks since Gwen was attacked by the pit bull in our trailer park . This evening I had to feed Gwen , then slip her the sedation pill in a pill pocket , unfortunately the sedation pill did not work all that great , Gwen is a fiesty girl , even after two hours she still was not asleep , so the vet had to give her a sedation shot , which worked in about 30 minutes , she had her staples removed & her 2nd pain patch taken off , so no more pain patch " yay yay " unfortunately Gwen had to have another E – collar put on which is known as the ( cone ) which is dog word or in cat world sucks because they eat or drink & it sucks .. but the cone is only on for a week until the wounds close up & then it's over with . To say the least Gwen is not very pleased about any of this , she woke up very irritable & hungry , once we got home , I was thankful that she ate a bowel of dry food with wet which I hand fed her . All of this has been very stressful on hubby & I Thankfully the last couple of nights have been some what normal & we have actually gotten some sleep , because Gwen is now feeling a lot better & is sleeping a lot better & isn't in pain any more , so I"m not up & down with her all night long ( thank god ) Hubby & I had a hudge fight on halloween because we had been cooped up in the house for 8 days straight ,I hadn;t had much sleep in days , hubby was frustrated everything , he blew up & we ended up a big arguement , hubby made threats that he wanted to end our relationship , he made statements that he was tired of living , he admitted that he was very depressed & that the whole situation with Gwen has had him very depressed , of course being sleep deprived definately doesn't help . Since this fight hubby has talked to his Doctor & starting next month , his doctor will up his Doxepin doxage from two to three doxepin , so next month he take 30 Mg of Doxepin & 20 Mg of Latuda , this should help him with his sleep .. Hubby hasn't had a manic episode in almost 7 months , so the Latuda which is the mood Stablizer is working , but this whole situation with Gwen put his anxiety over the edge , he didn't know how to handle it . I will be honest I am glad we never had any human children together , because he would not know how to handle a real major emergency , he gets too over whelmed , he freezes , me on the other hand , I am calm , I know exzactly what to do & how to handle the situation .. In other news I am 13 days post op since my Tubal surgery , I am no longer sore any more , thank god , my vaginal bleeding has stopped , my incesions are healing nicely , I still have some post op pain on my left & right side , which from what I have read on the internet , is quite normal , I am maintaning my weight at 127.0 LBS which I am very proud of, I am stil continueing to log everything I eat & drink on my fitbit app on my phone , I still continue to not drink any soda & to take my anxiety medication along with all my vitamines . So far I am very happy with my surgery , happy that I no longer have to take birth control , because it really messed up my menstral cycles , I know now that I am off the birth control pills it will take a couple of months for my body to regulate its self , which I do not look foward to , but at least I don't have to worry about getting pregnant .


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