Just a little bit longer
I wish i would heave waited
But impaitent
So I left
and now were enimies
so be it
if your going to be like this
so am i
dont you dare ever you my aunts name like that
that kills me inside
just to think they're..
no more bffs to talk to
and to find out she has cancer too
whats next
the world stops spinning?
the next ice age?
my dog stops eating things?
I can cry myself to sleep
but what will that do?
Give me a headache
thats all
no peace at mind
or at heart
just a headache and a heart ache
thats all
i know you dont want me to be like this
but you stopped trying
and i know it was the right thing to do
but no good byes?
wake up everyones up, think somethings wrong
then your gone?
Thats all i get?
All? I? Get?
your favorite neice?
no formal goodbyes?
Teedi is the only one that i really gave a goodbye to
i knew it was her end
but you
you were doing so well
you just stopped trying
not the life to live i know but there is a thing called a phone
call me?
tell me a goodbye?
tell me your not feeling well anymore, and give up.
i would've understood
but i stood out there with the dog for a half hour
with no meanig to life
but unk, mom, dad, megan, riley, friends, buddy
dance, is nothing without you watching anymore
but i know in heaven you and teedi got front row seats
but id like to know you watching. some how, some way
that your still there.

i hope its easier up there

then down here

i kills me inside

the giudance counsler thoguht sucicde


do that?

even without you, teedi, pap, tude, betty, boo, soon to be kera

never. just cry and cry till my hearts content.

then wish and wish jeany's ok.

wish life will get better

and it will im told

but life will never get better without you

i still remeber swimming classes



cleaning the house

the garden

the flower beds

dancing friday nights whle unk was on 3 to 11

our personal talks

about your goats

loved them

i miss them so much
i wish i could still talk to you like that

tell you everything

but this

and talking into the air

is all i got anymore

it helps to know your still in my heart

and in my head all day

and all night

i love you and always will

i will i always remember you and teedi

as my best friends

scince i was born

i will remeber the good and the bad

the better and the worse

but i will never forget


at all

anything but you two.

never again will anything fill that void i have.



but i know im not alone

mom too is having a hard time

and dad

but most of all unk and jeany

they are takinging it hard

i know i was told i cant help

let them deal with it them selfs


i know you've taught he better than that

i love you and teedi and unk and jeany and betty and bo and kera and tude and buddy and mom and dad and megan and alyssa and brooke and everyone else i forgot

goodbbye i guess.

i wish we would've had a goodbye


to late now

goodbye forever i love you.

  1. JOBseeker 11 years ago

    I'm so sorry you are so sad darling.

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  2. bummer 11 years ago


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  3. potajoy123 11 years ago

    thanks for all the comments guys. it is pretty sad but it made me feel beter.

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