any advice and on how to explain to a partner about borderline personality disorder. my boyfriend knows i have it but hes struggling to understand whyi am like i am with him. like one day im quite loving and the next im distant. and also why after work i like to come back and chill on my own as being a very socal job its hard enough for that to keep my emotions on a level all day so i dont cry of gt angry with people and so when i come home its nice to be able to almost take down that guard , its mentally straining all day. ive tried explaining all this but he just dosnt understand as hes a very clingy type of guy with realtionships . which dont get me wrong is not a bad thing as such but for me its far to much im just really struggling with this relationship . a big part of me is saying i should end it as he keeps thinking its something hes doing when im having an off day and so i know its making him misserable but part ofme dosnt want to and just wish i could just be well normal and be in a realtionship and know what to do in it! i dont know its frustrating becauses hes what i want as in the way of not being hurt, he thinks of me, gets on wth the people in my life etc etc i just dont know its stupid and im being stupid for being like this! i just dont know what to do i dont want to hurt him but it just seems if i stay im hurting him and if i leave ill be hurting him, i cant win with this!

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  1. fragile_things 8 years ago

    thanks wannabesome1 yeh i dont think any one can truley understand unless they have it! thanks for not telling me im stupid though! yeh  will try 🙂 thanks

    and thanks steveh for your advice ! ive been doing mindfullness for 2 years now and i find it hard to just sit but i do something that help sometimes ie xbox for an hour or so! but will look into thoses songs, anything is worth a shot at times! x

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