So who really reads these?!

This is my second entry ever…I'm new to blogging (but not so much to the occasional melancholy depressive state.)  Today is a gorgeous day, and I'm feeling eager to get started on my work (I work for a start-up and often work from home.) Working from home is good in a way because I can take advantage of my good moods and be compassionate with myself during the bad ones (meaning, I don't have to force myself to be at work and put on a cheery face if I'm not feeling cheery).  The down side however, is that sometimes not being around others actually leaves me in my melancholy state since I have no one's positive energy to help pull me out!  

So I go to coffee shops!  I interact with the baristas, sit outside, watch people come and go… it usually lightens my mood by getting me out of my dreary apartment!  (Also, I just decided to move from my dreary apartment into a naturally-lit sunny one…looking forward to this next month!)

As two side notes, I cut out sugar last week (I don't eat THAT much anyway, but thought I'd try it) and feel that my mood swings are less severe.  I did this in part to help my mood swings, and in part because I'm doing an elimination diet.  The purpose of an elim. diet is to see if you have any food sensitivities.  So I'm starting be eliminating sugar, then will also elim. dairy, then gluten (some people eliminate other things as well including nuts, citrus fruits, eggs etc., but I'm sticking to those first three.)  Then after they're all gone (and about 3 weeks of time) I'll add each one back in, and monitor how I feel, my digestion, my skin, my thinking etc.  They say some people can REALLY tell right after adding something back in (like dairy for instance, which many people allegedly have a sensitivity to.)

So that's about it for me.  Thanks for everyone's messages welcoming me to the tribe…I'm glad to be here.



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