I wonder what would’ve happened to me if I ran away when I was younger.

When I was living with my mom in her trashy double-wide, I’d made plans to run away. Several times.

I nearly followed through with it once. Had the bag all packed and the window unlocked. I was too scared of the consequences.

If I could go back, I’d tell myself to run. Get the hell out while you still can.

Get out. Go. What ever’s out there is probably better than here.

Now I can’t run. Now, I’ve got too much to lose.

I want to, so bad. I want to know, what’s it like, to have all the freedom in the world, go where I want to. No overbearing family, no one to care about what they think, no grades to worry about, I could finally become athletic, hell, I could even start healing maybe.

Sure, it wouldn’t be as comfortable or as safe, but it would make me tougher. I could finally learn to fight.

I could be myself without worrying about my family and friends disliking me!

I just want to leave, so bad.

I just…. It sounds so appealing.

I really wish I’d have taken the chance when it was presented to me.

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  1. beccasweet 1 year ago

    Great fantasy to always wonder, what if. I didn’t run away, I was kicked out at 13. l turned to the only thing available to me, sex work. Yeah, you learn to fight, prob is, the ones you are fighting have been doing it longer and are better. All you get is a beat down, ripped off, guy or girl, dont matter, prolly raped. Hard to fight 2, 3 or 4 guys at once. Unless you are a kung fu master. Met lots of run aways, we were all at one point turned out, pimps love looking for run aways. No matter how bad the abuse is at home, unless you got a personal angel looking out for you, the streets are a whole lot worse.

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