I went back to work today after the holiday and all is good at work.  It is just now I cant wait for the weekend now we are going to see my brother and my nephew.  He lives about 45 min. away (he isnt my real brother, but we adopted each other).  My nephew is going to be 17 on Thursday and so we are going up to celebrate.  My husband, me, my son, and his girlfriend.  We really like her my husband has already called her his daughter-in-law.  She is really sweet and there isnt too many people he likes to be around, but she seems to fit right in with us.  My father told her if she is going to be with this bunch (our family) she has to be crazy, because we are all crazy. He was just picking at her.  It is times like this that make fond memories in our family.  I am 34 and it is so HARD TO BELIEVE that my son will be 16 in October 13.  I am so excited he will be 16.  He is just like me, when I was that age I wanted to go everywhere and do everything.  I dread this summer though, I told Mike that once his ex-wife calls wanting us to get the boys for the 2 weeks that him and her agreed to he told me to tell her that we dicussed it and decided that we will go by the divorce papers and we will get them 1 week in June and 1 week in July.  Lord knows she isnt going to like that, but oh well that is the way life goes sometimes. 


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