Hey!! every one sorry its been a while .. I have had a lot going on , I had a good Thanks Giving , I chose not to cook , given all the stress with Gwen , It was just too much to tackle however!! I am cooking Christmas dinner . This month has been very stressful , trying to get prepared for Christmas , dealing with Gwen's pet insurance , some how something got messed up & they didn't get one of most important papers they needed , so I have been dealing with that , thankfully the gal at the animal hospital was able to help me get everything straightened out so to make sure I got the claim settled . Its quite a bit of money comming my way & I want it settled by Christmas , on top of that I got the Go fund me Check which I split with my mom , I was able to get Gwen's stocking stuffers , treats & a toy . Yesterday hubby & I took her to the groomer for the first time since her attack which has been almost 2 months now , when I got there to drop her off , I found out that the girl that usually grooms her quit , I didn't think anything about , I left to go to the grocery store , came back & found out that Gwen wouldn't let any of the girls there touch her , she wouldn't allow any of the girl touch her to even bath her , cut her nails nothing , aparently Gwen is still very mentally traumatized from the dog attack & she doesn't trust anyone but me or my husband , the lady at the groomer refunded us our money , Gwen also bit the manager , but that was forgiven , because of Gwen's cirumstances but we were told the next time she comes back she has to be muzzled , so we will try this again tomorrow & this time I will sit with her while she muzzled . I'm hoping me being there will help comfort her & give her re assurance , so the girl can cut her nails & bath her .


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