Wow. Anxiety is a relentless leech sucking the freaking little life I have in me. I feel like I am suffocating and seriously hope my anti anxiety meds (pretty strong because its for anxiety attacks) kicks in soon….. I really need this to kick in like 20 mins ago because i am literally freaking out to be honest….. feel like a bowling ball is beings used to crush my chest and i have sensations of suffocating my throat is hot and feels like is closing and going to get sealed up completely like what they did to Neo’s mouth on the Matrix i freaking hate this…

i fucking hate anxiety……..shit sucks

  1. jason01 3 years ago

    Hope you are doing a little bit better now, and I commend you for having the strength to share with us how you are doing good/bad. However, is there nothing that helps you become a bit less anxious so when you start to feel an attack come on you can do these things and take your meds to just avoid the attack all together? Or no not really? I know I also suffer anxiety and I don’t have attacks probably as often as you, but there are a few things I do prior to having a possible attack which can either make the attack less painful and miserable or buy me more time to take my medication and help avoid it all together. Let me know and we can talk more about this, but I hope you are doing better at least a little bit.

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  2. deadsoulx 3 years ago

    omg i can totally relate- its like you actually are suffocating your self!! and the worst part is people call you crazy instead of asking whats wrong!

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  3. rizea01 3 years ago

    I can relate to how you are feeling. My anxiety is terrible too. I know that feeling you are describing about not being able to breath all too well. Have you tried meditation? It helps me sometimes. I hope your anxiety calms down soon. Anxiety does need to go f itself.

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