This is my latest read, written by Joyce Meyer.  Omigosh I think she wrote this book just for me.  Quite honestly I had never heard of this woman until 6 months ago or so, when ArmyWife Mel introduced me to a video bit of hers. (thanks mel).  Honestly I am not much into the tv preacher types but Joyce has a way about her that makes me feel totally comfortable with what she is saying.

The book is phenomenal and incorporates many scripture quotes which I am finding necessary for me at this point.  Has anyone else read it?

I am slowly moving all my blogs over to another site and I am finding that most of them are full of negativity.  I can understand why nobody wants to be my friend, quite honestly, I dont think I would want to hang out with a whiny bitch such as myself either.  I know I have said this before, but I need to make some changes.  I need to re-focus on my goals for this year (did you make any resolutions for 2009?) and get back on track. 

Here’s to the rest of 2009, and letting go of things I cannot change and accepting life as it is.  Reposting my goals:

This new year is going to include a new Patty.

I will move on and move forward.

I will create peace within my own life by making wise choices in friendship, goals, and time management.  World peace begins with me.

I will continue to exercise and be health conscious. 

I am going to look people in the eye and I am going to speak up for myself when necessary. 

I am going to make God an even bigger part of my life.


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  1. dbrady1023 13 years ago


    Dear Battle:

    So you just read Joyce Meyer”s Battlefield of the Mind?  I have heard that book is a real eye opener.  Its been out awhile, but I havent read it.  Good for you tho she is a great and mighty woman of God!  I love her.  I dont watch her show as much as I should but the ones I do catch they are real down to earth.  I will tell you tho, when I do watch it is so awesome that so many people turn out for her lectures.  I always catch myself saying wow, look how many people are hungry for the word of God!  There are thousands of people that attend her sessions.  She never comes to the New England area tho…I live in Ct…I think next week I am going to the library and look up some of her books.  Going to Barnes and Noble can be expensive.  I love to read.  I feel its a way for me to escape my life.  You know? 

    Hope today is a great day for you!


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