Hi Heather

I do a LOT of journaling, whether it be written, computer, or here in DT. I find that DT is so much better!

A while ago, I thought about possibly writing a book about my life so, I started writing. There was no organization to it at all and I found it to be just a bunch of short stories about instances that happened in my life. It was true and I bared my soul…I wore my heart on my sleeve and on paper. I found it was very therapeutic for me. I was able to get all the horrible stuff out of my head but, I found that I started running out of instances that were horrible to write about.

I began to write all my memories that were good down too! I have memories as far back as two years old riding on my new bouncy horse at my grandmother’s house that I got for Christmas. My therapist said usually people that have serious trauma can remember things from a very young age….idk. Anyways, I started from there and worked my way through the years.

I always thought I had more bad then good memories but, I was wrong! I found that I remembered having feelings or emotions and just little blips in my life that I enjoyed. It was so much better remembering the smells of my grandmother’s perfume while she was rocking me, or seeing the strawberry cheesecake that my grandfather brought home from work, or my Uncle Jack putting me on the back of their pony for my first ride. The memories may only be two seconds in length but the smiles last a life time. I keep that in mind and if I forget, I read my journals.

You have to learn to forgive and let go of the bad memories or else they will take up all of your time and you’ll miss out on the future. I decided that I have wasted enough energy on dwelling on the bad and opened up to the positive around me. Yah I have days that are horrible, like I did the other day but, I get it out on paper and I let it go…NO more wasting time on what I can’t change.

The Universe has a way of providing…you get back 10 fold of what you put out there! Put out positive…you get positive back…and the same goes for negative.

Negative thoughts + Negative feelings = Negative results

Positive thoughts + Positive feelings = Positive results

Laughter helps with that too!

  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    Right on, this has been my experience also.

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  2. writinggirl24 10 years ago

     That is very true! 

    I am working hard on doing that right now! 

    Letting go of all the hurt and painful things of the past couple years and moving on for good. I don't want them or those bad thoughts to consume my life and take away future happiness. 

    Or lose myself again. 

    Thanks for such an encouraging blog!

    Im glad your journaling I do the same! I too want to write a story on my life! 

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